Wheel Balancers

sicam wheel balancer range

Wheel Balancers – Highlights

Diagnostic measurements 

  • Fast and Robust for High volume workshops
  • Wide range of PC/LCV/MB (opt) application:
    • up to 1.000 mm diameter
    • Max wheel weight 80kg
  • Automatic Contactless width measurement
  • Many holders for weights and tools
  • Electro brake
  • Automatic positioning in the unbalancing points
  • Automatic wheel cover opening and closing
  • Drift wheel control system
  • Wheel run-out control system
  • Wheel lift as standard
  • EasyFix arm for precise weight positioning
  • Connectivity: USB charging / printer connection
  • Stop on Top function, machine stops the wheel in position.
  • QSP program function, just use the Easyfix lever
    • machine follows you to TOP3 programs
    • Alloy rims: Adhesive weights
    • Iron rims: Clip weights
    • Combination: Adhesive / Clip weights
  • 360° Light Ring (PATENTED) for perfect view of the rim (S10 model)
  • 3 laser line pointers for manual weight positioning (3 or 6 or 12, S10 model)
  • Pneumatic locking system (WBE 4445)
  • Provided with a Full complete scope of delivery
  • Supplied with brilliant digital LED colour display

sbm v660a


  • Designed for Medium volume wheel service.
  • Wide range of PC/LCV/MB (opt) application:
    • up to 1.200 mm diameter
    • Max wheel weight 70kg
  • 19” TFT Monitor
  • Complete measure in only 8 sec.
  • Electronic measurements: distance and diameter; width optional.
  • QSP program function, recognition of TOP3 programes.
  • EasyFit: live readings for positioning
  • Multi operator software (3)
  • Customizable screen saver, USB charging


Entry level tyre service equipment

  • Designed for low volume wheel service
  • Easy Fit function
  • Up to 800mm wheel diameter
  • Rigidity for maximum performance
  • Available in red and gray color
  • Customization


New Series Platform Introduction

Automatic Tire Positioning (No US)laser pointer

  • Automatic positioning of the wheel during at unbalance position

Laser Pointer

  • Internal and External ALU rim guided weight positioning
  • 12 o’ clock guided positioning for standard rimsweight holder

New Weight Holder

  • More space availability for tools and weights
  • Everything at hand in an ergonomic design
  • New “look and feel” design in a robust shape

Self-check diagnosticself check

  • Regular unit check-up for easy troubleshooting

New Graphic User Interface

  • Touch screen for Video version
  • LCD display for digital versiongraphic user interface


  • Connectivity ready

Multi-functional pedal

  • All functionality in one (Brake, clamp, unclamp)muli functional pedal

New HW and SW interface

  • Ready for future applications
wheel balancer platform

Jumbo TCS 26


Jumbo tcs 60


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