Tyer Changer FALCO EVO 620 S IT

Sicam FALCO EVO 620s tyre changers


Model: FALCO EVO 620 S IT
Data Sheet: Product Specifications
Certification: ISO 9000/9001 CE
Especially designed for medium volume workshops


Pneumatic tilting back pole passenger car tyre changers equipped with a 22” (external clamping )round turntable, double speed, pneumatic locking of the mounting head and pneumatic bead breaker. Bead breaker pad shape designed in order to avoid any scratch on the rim.

New “worldwide standard” positioning of the control pedal in order to avoid misuse or error by using other similar products.

Installation of the Tecnoroller NG helper system enables exceptionally quick, easy mounting and demounting of any kind of tyre, even the most difficult UHP or RFT types.

Falco EVO 620 S can be equipped with the new Side Lift NG, providing an ergonomic working position at all times.


Stability and strength

New G-frame concept with new, additional structural elements for improved strength.
The bead breaker and the base of the pole are welded to the body to improve its strength and solidity over time


Able to process any kind of car, light commercial vehicle and motorcycle (with special accessory kit) wheels: max wheel diameter 1100 mm and max wheel width 11”.


Plastic pole protection with integrated holders for tools and valves.

Easy to use and fast

• Inflating system controlled by gun with manometer [bar/psi]
• Tubeless inflating system directly mounted in the turntable jaw, controlled by side pedal allowing a stronger air flow (only for Falco EVO 600 IT and 620 IT models)
• Bead breaker shape designed to protect the rim from risk of scratches
• Tecnoroller NG mounting and demounting helper arm with 2 indepedent pressing points
• Second speed with pedal selection (FALCO EVO 620 )
• New pull-out pedal unit for quick, convenient maintenance
• ”SIDE LIFT” available as accessory for all models, maximum comfort and ergonomics

Technical information

External clamping: 10” – 22” inch
Internal clamping: 12” – 24” inch
Rim width: 3” – 11” inch
Max wheel diameter:1100 mm
Bead breaker range: 65 – 305 mm
Air connection: 8 – 10 bar
Rotation speed: 7.5 – 15 rpm
Packing dimensions: (L*H*W) 1960*1660*1350 mm
Machine dimensions: (L*H*W) 1860*1660*1950 mm
Nett weight: 230 kg

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