Tyer Changer JUMBO TCS 56


Model: JUMBO TCS 56
Data Sheet: Product Specifications
Certification: ISO 9000/9001 CE
For all commercial, off the road and agricultural vehicles


JUMBO TCS 56 and TCS 56 R – trucks plus agricultural and off the road tyre changer fast and easy to use. The hydraulic self-centering chuck has 6 jaws (patented) which allows the clamping of various wheel sizes. It has an adjustable hydraulic system to carefully handle both light and heavy wheels. It has fully automatic operation
with optional wireless controller. JUMBO TCS 56 – the perfect match between speed and flexibility.


• Movement controlled by hydraulic system.
• Wide working range with a max wheel width capacity of 1260 mm
• Clamping capacity up to 60” with extension (accessories)
• Accurate and safe 6 jaws clamping system (patented)
• Adjustable hydraulic pressure for light wheels
• Chuck with bi-directional rotation function
• Double speed rotation chuck allows safe operation with various wheel sizes
• High performing pivoting tool with bead breaker disc and mounting/demounting hook
• Quick tool set-up fully controlled through the remote unit
• Special wheels accessories available
• Operated by wireless mobile remote control unit (optional)


• 6-jaw hydraulic mandrel (patented) which can pick up wheels in various ways

Hydraulic power

• Hydraulic control unit with adjustable pressure

Technical information

Rim size: 14” – 56” inch
Min clamping diameter: 115 mm
Max Tyre diameter: 2280 mm
Max tyre width: 1260 mm
Max bead breaker force: 3.7 ton
Power supply: 400V
Dimensions: (W*H*L) 2150*1750*1930 mm
Weight: 1020 kg

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