Tyer Changer JUMBO TCS 52 NW

sicam tcs 52 truck tire changer


Model: JUMBO TCS 52 NW
Data Sheet: Product Specifications
Certification: ISO 9000/9001 CE
For all commercial, off the road and agricultural vehicles


Jumbo TCS 52 NW/52 ANW Maxi – all trucks plus entry level agricultural and off the road tyre changer up to a wheel
width of 810 mm TCS 52 NW and 1300 mm TCS 52 ANW MAXI. The hydraulic self-centering chuck allows the clamping of various wheel sizes and it is fully adjustable to carefully handle the light alloy wheels. It also has a remote controlled trolley to locate in position the wheel, to bead break and fit the new tyre. JUMBO TCS 52 NW/52 ANW MAXI is the best balance of price and performance.


• Tool trolley, lifting arm and chuck are controlled by hydraulic system
• Bead breaking force of 3.7 tonnes
• Clamping capacity up to 60” with extension (accessories)
• Adjustable hydraulic pressure for light wheels
• Chuck with bi-directional rotation function
• Double speed rotation chuck allows safe operation with various wheel sizes
• Universal pivoting tool with bead breaker disc and mounting/demounting hook
• Tool arm with quick manual release
• Special wheels accessories available
• Operated by wired mobile remote control unit
• 1300 mm wheel width capacity TCS 52 ANW MAXI

Chuck assembly
• Self-centering with
• 2-speed clockwise/counter clockwise rotation

Technical information

Rim size: 14” – 52” inch
Min clamping diameter: 105 mm
Max Tyre diameter: 2290 mm
Max tyre width: 810 mm
Max bead breaker force: 3.7 ton
Power supply: 400V
Dimensions: (W*H*L) 1900*1750*1750 mm
Weight: 882 kg

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