Tyer Changer FALCO EVO 624 – 628

Sicam FALCO EVO 624 Tyre Changer


Model: FALCO EVO 624 – 628
Data Sheet: Product Specifications
Certification: ISO 9000/9001 CE
Especially designed for high volume workshops


Falco EVO 624 – pneumatic tilting back pole passenger car tyre changer that allow to work with car, light commercial vehicle and motorcycle tyres (with special accessories).

The 624 model is equipped with 24” turntable (external clamping), The Falco 624 have been designed for high wheel service volume workshops and tyre specialists.

The extreme rigidity of the structure and the reduction of flexion of the operating arm, characterized by the use of the G-frame concept, makes it a market benchmark for robustness and solidity even with UHP and RFT tyres.

With standard bead breaker Ergo Control function. Motor Inverter drive system guarantees the best combination of power and speed needed for an effective service.


Revolutionary bead breaker System
Ergo Control (patent pending) is a hand bead breaker system that allows you to execute the operation of tyre-beading always in an ergonomic working position, reducing the time with less effort while always being in a safe position.

Ergonomic working position: you stand in front of the wheel, not in front of the pedals.

Increase of safety: the use of the bead breaker lever (patented) guards the operator`s arm.

Protection of wheel/rim and TPMS: the control by using the lever gives the operator a maximum of sensitivity. Intuitive, easy to use: the movement of the blade can be driven by only a finger.

G-Frame for stability, SAFE and innovative, functional design

The mounting head always remains at a safe distance from the rim to prevent damage on tyre changing.
• G-Frame design standard
• Mounting head with automatic clearance function
• Mounting arm with rigid hexagonal profile
• Mounting column with extra-wide diameter (140 x 140 mm) and pneumatic locking system

Convenient tyre changing
• Self-centring four-jaw chuck
• Save time, no need to remove plastic jaws protection for steel rims inside clamping thanks to their new design
• 100 mm diameter of mounting column cylinder guarantees column and mounting head stability
• Optimised storage/holder for bead lever
• Universal, flexible adjustment of the lubricant ring shaped holder, one fits for all

• Be flexible and optimize your job. Save time thanks to 40 % faster bead breaking cylinder
• Cushioned cylinder for rapid but smooth movement, of the vertical tilting back pole, at the end of the stroke
• Time saving tyre inflation, 25 % faster than other comparable brands. Now easier to reach double-scale pressure gauge (bar/psi) on the side of the pole
• Fast clamping thanks to the new self centring table top with more roboust desing and inch scale laser printed
• Bright yellow warning and knee protection safety signs at turntable cylinders (”yellow fin”)
• By a simple movement it is possible to reach the max. turntable working range


TECNOROLLER NG is a pneumatic device to assist during mounting and demounting operations of any type of passenger car and light commercial vehicle tyre. It is especially recommended to mount and demount UHP and RFT tyres. It is designed to offer a great user experience, control switches are accessible from any working position and the high
positioning of the follower arm facilitates all operations on the tyre bead.

Technical information

Max wheel diameter: up to 1200 mm
Outside rim clamping: 10” – 24” inch
Inside rim clamping: 12” – 28” inch
Rim width: 3” – 12.5” inch
Bead breaker range: 70 – 397 mm
Air connection: 8 – 10 bar
Speed of rotation: 7 – 15 rpm
Packing dimensions: (*W*H*L) 1380*2110*1840 mm
Net weight: 317 kg
Bead breaking force: 11500 N

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