Car Tyre Changer

Sicam Wheel Balancer Range

Passenger Car Tyre Changer – Highlights

Smart arm:

  • Always in the right position
  • Automatic “sleep mode” position of the arm

Electronic control moto-inverter:

  • Bead breaker discs
  • Center post, rotation & translation

Side Lift:

  • Work always in Ergonomic position without stress your back.

Effortless & Simple Tirechanging

  • Center Post clamping

Wide range of PC/LCV (opt) application:

  • up to 1.200 mm diameter
  • 16” maximum wheel width
  • clamping capacity of max. 30”

Unique tooling system

  • Double disks bead breaker system
  • Leverless tool for demounting
  • Two dedicated tools for mounting

top range f16

Center Post clamping, faster & easier locking system, High volume workshop.

Wide range of PC/LCV (opt) application:

  • up to 1.200 mm diameter
  • 15” maximum wheel width
  • clamping capacity of max. 30”

Ergonomic design

  • Ergo Control bead breaking system
  • New Helper device, slim, independent points, easy control and 2 horizontal arm.
  • Double speed.
  • Inverter solution: proportional control of turntable speed/force
  • TLL– leverless mounting head

Rigidity : G-Frame structure

Double horizontal arm:

  • Possibility to work with all wheel size
  • Faster positioning, no necessity of spacers
  • push & lift the second bead
  • Memory ring to save time and to have the arm always in position

Falco evo 630s

Center post clamping system:

  • to prevent possible rim/tire damages too
  • Faster and Easier locking process with less efforts

Center post clamping system

Ergo Control:

  • Fast with Without Efforts hand bead breaker system
  • No shock on the Operator Arm!
  • Full Proportional Control; you directly drive the movement of the shovel.
  • Intuitive, Easy to use: your fingers make the shovel move
Ergo Control


  • Separate movements of tools
    • precise control
    • press and/or release where needed.
  • Powerful: 5500 N and separate 2500 N on follower arm
  • Control switches easily & ergonomically accessible
  • Horizontal arm close to mounting head
  • Locking system
  • Space saving


 Designed for Low/Medium volume workshops


Wide range of PC/LCV/MB (opt) application:

  • up to 1.000 mm diameter
  • 11” maximum wheel width
  • clamping capacity 20”/22” (ext) and 23”/25”(int.)
  • Double speed controlled by pedal

Inflating system integrated in the jaws (Falco EVO 620 IT)

Ergonomic design

  • Turntable at right height
  • Available equipped with Tecnoroller NG<
  • Pole protection
  • Inflating system controlled by gun in the SoD

Rigidity : G-Frame structure

Falco Evo 620s 1

Sicam Falco Evo Tyre Changer

Falco Evo New Series

Tough like never before

  • The increased clearance allows to work with wheels up to 1100 mm overall diameter
  • More room as well once operating with the standard wheel configuration


  • Max Tire width: 305mm
  • Max tire Diameter: 1100mm

Up to 24 units in a 20ft container: more effective the shipment costs

Falco Evo New Series 2

Falco Evo New Series 3

Falco Evo New Series 1

Falco Evo 630




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